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If this is your first time at the practice, to reduce your waiting time please complete the new patient form before you arrive. Just print the form, fill it out and bring it with you when you come to your appointment. Alternatively, use Adobe reader to complete and email directly to us.

Dr Flynn will provide you with the Vasectomy Information and Vasectomy Consent Form at your pre-vasectomy consultation. Can you make sure this is signed by both yourself and your partner and bring it with you on the day of the procedure. A copy of this is also available to print on this website.

New Patient Form

Vasectomy Consent Form


Vasectomy is the only permanent form of contraception for men. It is a safer and simpler procedure than female sterilisation and less expensive.

Expenses Fees Payable

Amount ($)

Booking Fee* – (New Patients)


Initial Pre-vasectomy Consultation (30min)


Vasectomy Procedure – (payable on the day)


**Total Out of Pocket Expense after medicare rebate (as of 1/7/2023)


Expenses Fees Payable

Booking Fee* – (New Patients)

Initial Pre-vasectomy
Consultation (30min)


Vasectomy Procedure –
payable on the day of


**Total Out of Pocket
Expense after Medicare
Rebate  (as of 01/07/2023)


* Booking fee is deducted from the initial consultation fee.
** Out of pocket expense based on Medicare rebates effective as at 01/07/2023 Medicare rebate can be paid directly back into your account after fees are paid.

After the initial 30 minute pre-vasectomy consultation the vasectomy procedure can usually be done within a week or two. If you are coming from the country a tentative vasectomy procedure date can be pre booked soon after the initial consultation. To allow for a proper informed decision, Dr Flynn does not do the assessment and procedure on the same visit.

You will not be sterile immediately. It takes about 9-12 weeks and about 15 ejaculates for sperm to be cleared. It is important to have your semen tested to ensure a complete clearance of sperm. The first semen test is usually performed 3 months after the vasectomy procedure. You cannot assume that you will be sterile until informed. Please make an appointment to see Dr Flynn a week after the first sperm test.

The procedure is done under local anaesthetic using a minimally invasive technique. Dr Flynn is skilled in all vasectomy techniques and will discuss the best option for you at your vasectomy consultation. Many patients report it as “much better than a trip to the dentist”. Anaesthetic works almost immediately and lasts between 1-4 hours after which a mild degree of pain and discomfort may be experienced. Usually pain killers in the form of paracetamol and Panadeine can be taken.

If required, Dr Flynn can provide sedation. If you opt for sedation you will be given a premedication relaxant tablet to be taken 90 mins before your appointment and you will be unable to drive to and from your appointment.

Some mild discomfort, bruising and swelling around the site is usually minor and short lived. Symptoms are usually relieved by simple analgesia such as paracetamol up to 2 tablets four times a day and supportive underwear. Any sutures that are used are dissolving.

There are no effects on sexual functioning. In fact many men find that vasectomy improves sexual function and experience as the fear of an accidental pregnancy has been eliminated.

Many men can return to work after 48 hours rest. IF one has a physical job it is a good idea to plan 2 – 3 days off work. One can resume sexual arousal and function after about 3-4 days or when one feels comfortable. It is advisable to not lift heavy weights or carry out any strenuous activities for a few days after the operation. Contact sports should be avoided for 7 days.

Medicare pays a rebate for the procedure and this can be organised to be paid directly back into your account after your fees are paid on the day of the procedure. Since hospital fees are not charged, private health insurance is not necessary.

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