Post-Operation Instructions

Pain Management

If you have discomfort in the first 24-48 hours after the local anaesthetic wears off, rest with your feet up and take mild pain medication containing paracetamol or ibuprofen. You will be given a script for a strong pain reliever in case these are insufficient. Rarely an ache and/or swelling can develop after a few days or even weeks which is usually due to inflammation and usually responds to anti-inflammatory medications.


Bruising of the skin on the scrotum is not a concern as long as it is not associated with scrotal swelling as it reflects only blood just under the skin and will disappear with time.


In the rare case that the wound bleeds, “pinch” over the wound with some gauze for ten minutes, then let go very slowly. Contact the surgery if it continues.

Wound Care

It is advisable to continue to wear supportive underwear for 2 days (place some gauze over the wound till healed).


You may shower but do not rub soap directly into the scrotum for the next 2 days. Do not have a bath or go swimming for 3 days until the wound heals.